Courageous Witness

Mar 4, 2018 by: Joel Sutton| Series: Courageous Discipleship
Scripture: Matthew 10:1–10:18

Courageous Witness

Matthew 10:1-18

Intimacy with Jesus is a pre-requisite.  vv. 1-2



Sent to live like Jesus.  vv. 7-8


Jesus’ Instructions:

  • Jesus’ mission is strategic.  vv. 5-6
  • Jesus’ mission requires trust.  vv. 9-10
  • Jesus’ mission takes wisdom.  vv. 11-14
  • Jesus’ mission is demanding.  vv. 17-18
  • Jesus’ mission is Christ-Centered.  vs. 32



Take Home Idea: When we live with Jesus, He will change our lives.  When we live like Jesus, He will change our world.

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