Faith Community Nursing

What Are We All About?

Faith community nursing focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community.

Nurses walk alongside individuals and families seeking to empower them as they experience stressors in their lives. They provide health related information and resources to individuals and groups. They do hospital and home visits. They coordinate volunteer ministries and prepare people to serve in them. They oversee the safety and accessibility of the church building. A Wellness Advisory Team meets quarterly to provide input into the work of the Faith Community Nurses.

Nurses are available on Sundays before and after services, by phone 612-827-4705, or email:


"Stepping On" Fall Prevention Workshop: Starting April 13

A fall prevention program called "Stepping On" will be offered by the Faith Community Nurses and guest experts for anyone age 60 or over who lives at home, does not have dementia, and has had a fall or is fearful of falling. Join us on Thursdays, April 13-May 25 from 10:00 a.m. to noon in room 105. Registration forms are available at the welcome desk and online here. The cost is $10.

For more information, see the brochure



This is a support group for people with chronic illness. It meets twice a month on Sundays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in Room 103. Contact Dee Huanca FCN for further information.

*Come check out this support group for those who have chronic illness. Dee Huanca will give an overview via a PowerPoint presentation, "Living Well With Chronic Illness". Kari Amstutz will officiate the activities for this year. Sign-up after this initial presentation for participation in this group that meets twice a month. Contact Dee Huanca if you have any questions.

Our schedule for Expressions is as follows:

May 7th
May 21st


Health Care Directives

Learn about filling out a Health Care Directive, which gives your designated health care agent the ability to carry out your personal care choices in the event of injury or illness that leaves you unable to make your own medical decisions. Check back for upcoming class dates.

For those of you who attended one of the past Honoring Choices classes offered by the Faith Community Nurses, Dee and Maureen are available to help fill out health care directives. If you have not already filled out your directive or if you have any questions about the form, you can make an appointment with the nurses during Tuesdays in November.  Fill out the following form here or contact the church office.



Blood Pressure Screenings

Blood Pressures will be taken between services in the hallway outside room 105/106 on the third Sunday of each month.

Epi Pen training is also available at that time. Check in at the blood pressure table. The training takes about 10 minutes.

Upcoming dates are:

May 21st



Visitation To The Homebound

Visitation is carried out by the Faith Community nurses, pastors, and trained visitors.

A class on visitation to the homebound will be offered occasionally.  Check back for future dates. Come to get ideas on making visits that integrate spiritual and social aspects of care. This class will enable you to become a part of the Visitation Ministry of First Free if you desire.



Support For The Growing Family

Are you pregnant, recently delivered a baby, or anticipating an adoption? Support for your growing family is available through the Faith Community Nurse program at First Free Church. For additional information, complete the following form and one of the Faith Community Nurses will be in touch with you.

Support for the Growing Family Form



Wellness Adivsory Team

This group provides input to the Faith Community Nurses in their roles. It meets quarterly, 8:15-9:30 p.m.. If you are interested please contact Dee or Maureen.

Upcoming dates are:

June 14th
October 18th




       Opportunities to Serve
  • Visitation to the homebound
  • Participate in the blood drive
  • Transporting people to church or other related activites
  • Provide help with Spring or Fall yardwork
  • Participation in the quarterly Wellness Advisory Team
  • Lead a prayer shawl ministry for people with serious illness
  • Assist Redeemer Residence with their identified projects

 (Please notify the Faith Community Nurses of your interest)

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