Church Leadership

Church Council

The Congregation governs the church ministries through the Council. The Council oversees and promotes the spiritual welfare and the ministries of the Church. Any action taken by the Council can be reviewed by the Congregation at a congregational meeting and may be changed by a majority vote.

Church Officers

Jeff Dutton Chairman
Jeff Olson Vice-Chair
Julie Danielson Treasurer
Peter McWilliams Secretary


Council Members At Large

Luke Amstutz
David Graden
Johanna Holliday


Ministry Commissions

The Council fulfills some of its responsibilities through Ministry Commissions.


Caring Commission

The Caring Commission plans, implements, and oversees all special needs and people-helping ministries of the church.

Carrie Boyum Chair
Anne Nordell Vice-Chair


Nurture Commission

The Nurture Commission plans, implements, and oversees all instruction, training, and edification ministries of the church.

Note: the Nurture Commission is currently inactive.


Outreach Commission

The Outreach Commission plans, implements, and oversees all evangelism and missionary ministries of the church.

Ross Olson Chair
Janet Poston Vice-Chair


Worship Commission

The Worship Commission plans, implements, and oversees all church worship ministries, all activities supporting worship, and all music activities in the church.

Heidi St. Clair Vice-Chair (acting Chair)


Finance & Property Board

The Board oversees the financial affairs of the Church and exercise proper care of church properties. It recommends to the Council necessary measures involving the soundness and well-being of the treasury of the church.

Rollin Nordell, Chair
Doug Brown
Seth Hueckman
Pete Lehner
David Graden
Charlie Sawyer
David Kriesel-Koll (Business Administrator)
Julie Danielson (Church Treasurer)


Church Structure

For more information about our church structure, view our constitution and bylaws:

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